24 thoughts on “Full Body Exercises at Home: Abs, Legs, Butt, Arms, Back and Chest

  1. Hi Guys! i'm just new here in Lumowell my friend suggests this and she said this work , Yes it is ! But you also need a nutrional diet too , it won't work if you ate a lot of calories or carbs then do this NOTHING WILL Happen . This is my 2nd day doing this exercise but actually im doing at least 6 days of exercise now my first day only focus on Flat stomach exercise (Xhitdaily and here) then i choose random videos here in lumowell until i plan to do a calendar workout , every MWF i do full body workout then Tuesday is flat stomach Thursday is Legs , Butt and Arms . Sunday and Saturday is rest day but sometimes i do at least 30 minutes workout!. So guys don't lose hope , you won't see the result quickly , "no pain no gain" okay guys ! and THANKS LUMOWELL KEEP UP HOPE FOR MORE VIDEOS 🙂

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