36 thoughts on “Insane HIIT Challenge – Bodyweight Only High Intensity Interval Training Workout

  1. When I see the word HITT and Daniel on the cover I already know it's going to be an awesome challenge! I feel so strong and full of energy right now! Thank you for another great routine 😀

  2. this was aptly named, as it was insane of me, almost 60 with only a couple of months of fb behind me, to attempt it. first a going bad knee requires careful high impact if any, I modified most, but it really only reduces to slightly lower impact,lol. some native coordination is required, some exercises needed to be renamed flailing monkey and falling climber based on my rendition. it was part of the fb sweat program, or I would not have attempted it. younger or fiitter folks will love the challenge. Edited to say, if you need lower impact watch through once and plan. Since I improvised, I ended up with an inflamed knee tendon and had to rest a few days.

  3. I am super uncoordinated when it comes to some of these moves. It must've been quite hilarious to watch me flail about during the kick throughs and lizard hops. In fact, the lizard hops turned into something like spider push-us.

  4. Definitely really sweated after doing this. You know it's a good workout when you're still sweating during the cool down. Just couldn't do the kick through, but could do everything else and definitely owned up to the title of "insane" Felt soo good after though. My motivation is thinking of the last unhealthy thing I ate and wanting to work it off as much as possible.

  5. First time I did this workout I had to stop at the kickthrough or I would have collapsed on my face XD I spent a few days practicing that one. Today, I completed the whole workout!

  6. I was insane enough to attempt this workout in the afternoon after I had run a 5K in the morning, and it totally kicked my butt. I don't think I could have handled lizard hops even if I wasn't already exhausted. Most women probably don't have the upper body strength for this move. I substituted Spiderman mountain climbers. A couple of the other moves, such as kickthroughs, were too complicated for me to figure out and perform with any kind of intensity during the 20 second interval. It took me longer that 20 to figure out what I was doing. Other than that, great workout. Next time I'll make sure I don't run on the same day!

  7. Just did this…was brutal and all my internal organs fell out before I was half way done! Took numerous breaks also but as long as I completed it! Thanks fitness blender for your awesome workouts!

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