25 thoughts on “Total Body Strength Training and Core Workout for Beginners – Low Impact Workout at Home

  1. Thank you for posting, this was a good basic workout. Just fyi I measured the calorie burn with my FitBit Charge 2, which has a heart rate monitor. It only burned 111 calories, and your website said that it would burn 158-232. For anyone at home without a heart rate monitor, be careful to err on the conservative side when using FB's calorie burn. I knew I would be on the lower side because I am an average-sized girl, but I didn't know I would burn fewer calories than the lower end of the range.

  2. My heart rate didn't increase and i didn't break a sweat during this workout yet i am out of shape, is this a bad sign? I felt the pain during the excercises such as the crunches, I'm a bit worried that I didn't burn any of those cals or increased my strength training? Is this a bad sign? Help!

  3. Have to be VERY careful with anything that has high impact on the body or knees. I do not recommend jumping jacks or any excersize involving the knees until your doctor okays you for that according to your weight. Once you blow out a knee, it's over so be very careful.

  4. is this for women too? I need strength excercises to gain weight, so I'm not supposed to do cardio that much. I'm a beginner too. Which of your videos do you recommend? Thanks. Awesome channel.

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