45 thoughts on “At Home High Intensity Interval Training – Cardio HIIT Workout with Fitness Blender

  1. Did this after waking up without breakfast and had to take a break before it was halfway through to grab a banana and almond milk but came back and finished it after eating:)) It's okay to take breaks, it's better than giving up completely!!

  2. Holy Moly! I've done tons of the harder FitnessBlender workouts, no problem. This one whipped my butt!! Definitely shouldn't have started with this one after a workout hiatus. I finished it, and feel good though! I love FitnessBlender!! Beachbody who??

  3. I love your workout
    so I 'm trying FT BL everyday .
    I've tried almost your workout
    and I try again as first time ever
    This workout is so terrible @.@
    last action – double Butt kick !!!
    I just hopped;;;;
    but I finished all anyway
    Thank you so much
    Your FTBL WORKOUT is perfect !!

  4. It would have been so cool if your workouts came with some music in the background. I don't always have a handy workout playlist and so I get bored and unexcited doing it…great workouts none the less!

  5. I was sweating during the warm up and could barely make it to the break even after taking rest from the exercises and swapping out double butt kickers for star jumps. I'll be back.

  6. I thought 2 repetitions are it! After 2 minutes rest then I'm done. Then I saw Round 2, starting all over again, that's when I know I'm screwed!
    Still make it through though I never needed air this much!!

  7. Modified the crap out of these moves but at least I powered through. Next time ill focus more on form rather than speed.Almost mess my ankles up doing the flutter squats. Completed it though.:)

  8. This is as I said another to add to my long stretch of list, defo repeat, great challenging workout, one to share. Im so stubborn, I wont improvise your workouts, THE only workout part I could not do was the YOGA Crab, my head would not budge off the floor.HAHA big head.

  9. I could'nt do the double leg butt kicks! ARGH! I've been doing the other HIT 30 secounds on. I just did this and I realised it wasa minute on, no wonder I'm struggling. Will have to check the workout before I do it. WOW

  10. I kept the girls pace throu out the video and did them all nothing really hurts but my heart is pounding and I'm very Sweaty I didn't think it was that hard but it was far from easy. How would you discribe my athelite?? Please answer!!

  11. Its Thanksgiving today! I have been a loyal FB workout'er(?) for 3+ yrs(do it couple times a week)!! I am thankful that I keep finding new FB workouts, like this 3yr old gem – have done soon many of their workouts and thought I had done all of their best workouts and I trip onto this today!!!!! Loved it. Happy Thanksgiving D & K!

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