50 thoughts on “25-Minute Calorie-Crushing Cardio and Legs Workout | Class FitSugar

  1. this is my 3rd cardio workout. I take karate but I only go twice a week and I wasn't losing any weight. Cardio is my biggest issue so these have already helped a lot. I think Anna is my favorite trainer so far and I like that kayce (not sure how to spell her name) does the modified version so if you're new you don't feel bad cause you're not able to do it. And with dre, if you've been doing this for awhile, she does it a little more advanced so you can challenge yourself to keep up with her! I rate this a 10/10! love this channel a lot😁

  2. Love you Anna! I love the variations also, cause Casey helps me out a lot because I have bad knees and I love that she sticks with the modifications unlike some of the other people that were supposed to be modifying the exercise but they end up doing what your doing and it throws me off. Please keep Casey as the modifier whenever possible. Love you guys!

  3. I am really amazed by this legs treatment solution “myma shocking plan” (Google it). Nevertheless, getting the ideal results needs effort in undertaking workout routines and commitment to stick to the program. I was miserable having bow legs in many years. Thankfully, I`ve been able to straighten my legs with the help of this treatment plan.

  4. This is one of your best cardio-muscu workout! congratulations! And your outfits are amazing! 🙂 Great ratio of stretching/isometric/muscular workout. Great for beginners as well as advanced people! GOOODDDD JOOOOOOBBBBB! 😉 I shared!

  5. Si vous avez un cardio muscu workout à faire par jour, c'est celui là! J'en fais régulièrement des vidéos sur cette chaîne et il est très bien expliqué, partie muscu assez lente, mais ça active tous les muscles et ça réduit les risques de blessures… Les options de modifications sont parfaitement adaptées pour ceux qui ont des blessures anciennes pas réglées! La préparation (activation) du début est assez longue pour bien préparer les muscles au travail d'équilibre qui s'en vient, la partie étirements de la fin comble les besoins, vous pouvez au pire continuer après. Les exercices de bras y'en a pas tellement mais si vous les allongez avec les modifs avancées ça travaille, et avec le demi-pont y'a quand même un travail isométrique au niveau des triceps. C'est bon autant pour les débutants que pour les avancés, je vous le partage, je l'ai trouvé génial. Vous pouvez également vous abonner à la chaîne, c'est Popsugar fitness! Donnez-moi des nouvelles! C'est un 25 min bien investit qui prépare vraiment bien à affronter les journées sombres de la maîtrise! 🙂

  6. As someone who is just getting back into working out regularly, i really liked this workout. The modifications are doable. It's nice and slow. Some cardio workouts have you going crazy sweating and dying. This is nice and easy but you still break a sweat and feel like you're being active. To those who are struggling: give yourself grace! It's ok to fail! Just try again! You can do this!

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