39 thoughts on “Day 21: Yoga Workout For the Ultimate Bikini Body | Class FitSugar

  1. I just wanted to say that I LOVE Popsugar workouts! I've been doing them for a while and I just love the variety, intensity, and fun. However, I am very disappointed with this video. I thought the teacher was not a very good yoga teacher. Using jargon like, push, shove, etc aren't usually associated with yoga. Those types of instruction can lead to injury for people who don't do yoga often, and I would think that a seasoned yoga teacher would know that. Now don't get me wrong, I think the sequence was definitely a "workout" and I totally got my sweat on, but I was just disappointed by the quality of the teacher. I know a lot of you liked it, and I'm happy it has brought you joy, feel good vibes, and even results. I just wanted to voice my opinion because I think Popsugar is better than this. 🙂

  2. Been doing this for 3 weeks AND IT WORKS 😀 I'd been trying to lose fat around my inner thighs for so long and finally found success through this workout! THANK YOU 🙂

  3. All done with the 21 day challenge!! I didn't follow it how you are supposed to because I wanted to see results sooner and felt like I had to work out for more than 15 or 30 minutes a day in order to reach that, so I did this challenge plus 1 other random work out (per day) from popsugar in 9 days (day 8 was rest day). Not all the work outs were my favourite but I modifyed and substituted to my needs. This great me great motivation! Starting from day 1 again!!!

  4. This is more of a workout than yoga. Yoga is about holding out poses for a minute or so, while focusing only on the breath. Although it's not bad for a workout 🙂

  5. I seriously hope they do another 30 minute Yoga Workout with Mandy Ingber soon! I have done this one over 100 times, and don't get me wrong – I still love it, but it's getting a bit monotonous. I'm sure many people would love another!

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  8. Just finished the 21-day challenge! (Took me 22 days though) I wasn't looking to lose weight (and i didn't); but I definitely feel much stronger. In the beginning, i would have to pause videos 2 to 3 times if the workout lasted half an hour. Now, i can finish one whole workout rarely using any of the modifications! Wishing everyone who's trying to complete this challenge all the best! Stay happy and smile 🙂

  9. I'm a heavy workout type. that's why, normally, I'm much less excited at pilates or yoga class, I just easily get bored. however, often suffering from muscle spasms recently, I decided I'd rather focus on stretches in the second part of the week. I've tried a bunch of other videos, but didn't really connect to them. in certain ones I didn't like the coach chatting about non-related things, in the others I was rejected by the glamorous uncovered look of the coach, some were just boresome and I only could do them while only watching on mute and listening to something meaningful.
    then I just decided to check out my favourite PopSugarFitness for yoga and found this awesome video which was both energetic and meaningful.
    thank you, Mandy!

  10. I HATE Yoga but after a few days of being sick combined with tension in my neck, shoulders and back, I turned to this in a moment of desperation. And after about two weeks, I've actually started looking forward to my daily thirty minutes. This is from a woman who has despised yoga all her life – what can I say, this is a good video.

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