Home Exercise: For Everyone: Natural Bodyweight Workouts For Men And Women (home exercise, home workouts, exercise and fitness)

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Discover How To Unlock Your True Potential With Bodyweight Exercises The secret to looking better, feeling stronger and living longer is to train naturally, just like the animals in nature Any animal you can think of is far healthier than any human being. How do they do it? Their secret is that by instinct they exercise everyday using nothing but their own body and bodyweight. Don’t you think there is a lesson there for people as well? Or put it this way. Think of the physiques you really admire. I suspect what you like about them is that they possess natural muscle and real strength. Gymnasts, dancers and martial artists are all examples of this. What unites them all? Like the animals in nature they all use some form of bodyweight training to achieve their perfect bodies. Don’t you think it would be wise to follow their example? If this makes sense to you then Home Exercises For Everyone is the book for you. In this book you will discover the holy trilogy of bodyweight training, the three exercises that by themselves will get you in the best shape of your life. Once you have mastered these basics you will then be able to mix and match other bodyweight exercises to suit your individual needs. The advantages of bodyweight workouts VS old-fashioned gym workouts are legion. They include: No expensive equipment or health clubs to join Save time by working out from home in as little as 15 minutes a day No separate workouts for different parts of your body No need for long, boring cardio sessions Bodyweight workouts will energize you! Regain your youth and vitality Burn fat off your body like butter under a blowtorch You’ll dominate any sport you play Building natural, balanced muscle will help you look your best With bodyweight training you’ll feel more dynamic, charismatic, and alive In only 15 minutes a day and no matter what your age or present physical condition Home Exercises For Everyone can put you on the road to becoming a better you. Start your own personal tran

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