43 thoughts on “Full Body Stretch Yoga – 30 Minute Flexibility & Deep Stretch Workout

  1. I've seen you in Chefchaouen at the spanish mosque. Amazing sunset! And i was on the same flight to Barcelona 🙂 haha, i didn't know why you look familiar. Enjoy Barcelona!

  2. One of the best yoga videos I've seen in awhile!! I love the stretching up and down, back and forth to the breath to warm up before holding the static stretch. This motion stretching back and forth across my whole range of motion (inhale up, exhale forward) helps me open up flexibility much greater! Also nice attention to counter-balance stretching!

  3. ok wow, this is incredible. this was the first time i stopped and said, hey im actually going to try this. as someone who isnt really terribly out of shape but has never been particularly active and has never worked out, this was fantastic! you are a great and insightful instructor! thank you!

  4. This is the only "yoga strength and flexibility for beginners" work out that I can finish. Some of the other ones are either too fast or starts great and in the middle I'm like "what's happening now?"

  5. HTF does anyone get into cobra. back looks broken. my back was aching just doing the hands to butt part before the cobra.other than my back I enjoyed the stretch… my hamstrings, inner thighs and calf are terribly tight though ;'(, need to get more flexible

  6. Your channel is the first time I feel truly connected and comfortable doing yoga at home, and the most consistent I've been at it. Thank you so much for all you do! I'm so grateful to have found my online yoga tribe.

  7. Love your practices and I can appreciate your need for paid advertising…but to be jarred out of yoga moment with a three minute long loud obnoxious Las Vegas Westjet ad is so inappropriate and wrong. There has to be some better kind of ad than that. It completely destroyed my practice, just couldnt get back into it.

  8. Cole – you do a wonderful job for beginners and those of us with back issues. I've been watching the channel for a few months and find you to be the very best teacher for your help with variations and your empathy. Thank you!

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