44 thoughts on “60 Min. 1,000 Rep Legs Tabata HIIT Workout | Day 10 – 30 Day Full Body Burnout Vol. 3

  1. Also, I have gaine a lot of muscle over the past year, I gain muscle quick. Here's my issue, my waisted is looking more square rather then curvy and I don't like that. How can I get a more curvy waiste rather then the square manly look??

  2. done!! 🙂 i will do this workout two times a week..because i ride mountain bike..i think this will help me climb more uphills..but im not yet ready for day11…lol arms workout are my weakness.. 🙁

  3. Day 10 Complete! Didn't want to do this today because I'm tired from a trip and the time change deprived me of my extra hour but when I thought about the changes my body has made I decided to push through!

  4. Phew! I managed to finish the workout but not without several extra breaks of up to a minute. Does that have a big influence on the estimated number of calories I burn?

  5. This one killed me this morning. Had seen it for ages but always avoided it because I'm a wimp when it comes to too much legs, (I'm more of an endurance cardio type of girl). I was right in thinking it would be tough. SWEATY MESS. I don't know how you manage to be so happy and positive throughout, I find hard workouts bring out an angry side in me LOL

  6. I just love your workout.You really motivating with your work I'm really pleased, I want to ask if u can use weight . Thanks so much for this great workout. 😉

  7. Ah I did this the wrong way round – I did 1000 rep arms yday and this today! Or maybe that's better as there was more leg work in the arm video than arms in this! Either way I'm pooped! Thanks 😀 Great 6.30am workout!

  8. You should have been more specific on rep counts xD i hit 1000 and i was like man that hurt a lot. Then you started on those ISO leg hops and i was like no.. You wouldn't dare… WHYY! But awesome workout i really am looking forward to what you have in store for the future! Keep it up!

  9. This was an amazing workout. can you do a video with the foam roller showing  stretches please. I have had one for ages and still cant use it correctly and there's not many videos on YouTube on how to use one. Thank you

  10. This was a great challenge! Just when I thought lunges couldn't get any worse you brought out the twist lunges lol The elevator jumping jacks and sky squats were also hard, but I'm proud of myself for doing these 🙂

  11. Whaaat! Hoy, what was that? you are trying to kill me right? lol. Seriously thought, totally LOVED that workout- summer is on it's way here in Sydney, so bikini prep is in full swing, thanks for the help

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