Unisex Barefoot Water Skin Shoes for Beach Swim Surf Yoga Exercise (Foot length 19.5-20 CM/ EU31-33, Pink-Kid)

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Sizes for your reference:
. M =US5/UK4.5/ Europe 36-37
. L =US5.5-6.5/UK 5-6/ Europe 38-39
. XL =US 7-8/UK6.5-7.5/ Europe 40-41
. XXL =US 8.5-9.5/UK 8-9/ Europe 42-43
. XXXL=US 10-11/UK9.5-10.5/ Europe 44-45
. Features: Light Comfortable Breathable,suitable for Athletic Water Running Sports Shoes
Great for swimming pools, beaches, lakes & rivers!
Slip on style allows for easy wear and removal.
Dry off quickly / excellent flexible & comfortable like a socks
Fold and Go for easy transport
Useful transparent zipper bag. Dry off quickly /Perfect for a wide range of activities;M(for UK4.5/ Europe 36-37 ); L(for UK 5-6/ Europe 38-39 ); XL(for UK6.5-7.5/ Europe 40-41 ); XXL(for UK 8-9/ Europe 42-43 ); XXXL(for UK9.5-10.5/ Europe 44-45)
Material Composition: 80% spandex,20% rubber
Extra breathable, easy slip-on/comfortable like a socks
Fold and Go for easy transport; excellent flexible

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