20 thoughts on “20 Minute Advanced Fat Burning HIIT Workout | The Body Coach

  1. Joe any chance you could do an "easy on the knees" HIIT? Squats lunges and burpees really hurt one of my knees. Thanks for the inspiration 😀👏🏻

  2. These are awesome thank you Joe for creating and sharing! My friends and I do our own boot camp to these almost daily and the results have been great. Love the variety and the realness!

  3. For a body coach you seem a little unfit although your talking at the same time which is tough to maintain at the same time showing everything full out. the things you were demonstrating aren't very difficult. good workout though

  4. A lot of weightbearing on the wrists. Even with props, I had to choose a different set to replace the dips (military press/squat with tri flexion at top, 5lb weights ea hand). Thanks for these workouts, I love them!

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