25 thoughts on “Extreme Body Building Frequency – Myostatin Inhibitor & Blocker Muscle Growth Binaural Beats

  1. I don't even workout with weights, I just plug into these tunes for an hour an the flab turns to muscle. Talk about taking shortcuts, 8 hours a day, six days a week, I will be ready for the Olympia, light weight baby, yeah buddy.

  2. This really works! Last night I had done a 2 hour session in the gym and played this straight afterwards for the full hour. Muscles were tensing on their own and vibrating all night, couldn't get any sleep. Measured my arms to see what change there was and they had grown 3/4" in circumference! Will see what happens tonight but can attest to this working.

  3. Lol I started listening to this right after eating a single slice of Papa John's cheese pizza and now three minutes in and I'm starting to smell noticeably weird.

  4. I'm trying to listen to this as often as possible. Whenever I have internet access I will of course do that by watching this video. But if I don't, e.g. if I'm on holiday for a week or so, will the binaural beats still have their full effect if you convert this video into a mp3-file and listen to that instead?

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