43 thoughts on “Yoga For Weight Loss & Flexibility Day 1 Workout – Fat Burning 20 Minute Beginners Class

  1. The whole time she was talking about having relaxed muscles they were burning and so tense and I could not find a way to stop it lol, I've totally lost all flexibility i guess

  2. First time doing yoga! that 20 minutes went by quickly, but wow I can feel the burn all over! can't wait to try Day 2 tomorrow! I am sooooo out of shape and really need this in my life! time to make changes! Should I move on to Day 2 tomorrow or should I keep up with Day 1 until I'm feeling confident. I did good but since I just started doing yoga I don't think I should move on yet, or maybe I just need to push myself?

  3. I had a breakthrough …. stuck rib popped loose and over the last few months it has opened more. I can feel one more to go. Thanks for helping me Courtney.

  4. Works amazing! Within 10 minutes I had an instant rush of energy. I like to take it every other day instead of taking a pre-workout every single day. It gives me the same amount of energy as my pre-workout and helped keep me focused throughout my entire workout. Definitely recommend! Get your copy from here https://t.co/ollWhetOtu 🙂

  5. I have never done yoga before until now and Wow do I feel better! I get back pains and this just made me feel really relaxed and calm and it made my back feel a whole lot better I heard it pop and then bam there went the pain I'm in shock It worked!

  6. I am a beginner and I did this video for the first time (yoga) and I feel like it's working. I moved on to the next video "Beginners Yoga Flat Tummy, Abs & Core Foundations Class #2 – Basic Home Yoga Workout" after a few minutes. thank you !!!

  7. I don't know why people are complaining about if this is for beginners or not. I'm sure it is. I just did day 1 and I was completely fine. I never did yoga before but I do a lot of cardio and no lifting. I get a lot of tension headaches and the start off around the neck and I hear yoga helps with it so hopefully it does. Nice video , I will be doing your days one and two

  8. Why is everyone saying that it's hard it's not hard at all your just hugging your legs sleeping on the ground and raising your legs every 5 minutes like i don't understand how it could be hard unless everyone in the comment section is 500 kilos!

  9. A lot of talk about feeling power or energy and awareness in the abdomen and distressing the shoulders, not what I was looking for! Surely more focus on practical 'mistake-avoidance' rather than energy talk would help. Won't be watching day 2 or 3

  10. I'm a complete beginner and at some point I had to stop but I loved loved loved this. Felt the burn and sweat-even more than when I spend an hour at the gym. I feel great!

  11. You should definitely have the bottoms of your feet clean when doing a video like this, not so dirty as they are. It's enough to make a person not come back again or to maybe give the wrong impression about yourself. Don't take this personally, but as good marketing advice for your future videos and your watching public. I do like your video.

  12. Definitely not for beginners. Almost had me feeling like giving up and never trying yoga again but luckily I have found other videos that are REALLY for beginners. This video was VERY discouraging and really should have a video on here for real beginners.

  13. Thank you so much for your videos. It helps me a lot to improve my general health and well-being. I can see the change from the weeks I have been doing more yoga. Are you thinking about making more intermediate videos ?

  14. Couldn't ask for better guidance! I've been doing this for about a week now (coupled with the second video for a session) and it's fantastic. I'm loving yoga and I've lost a pound already! 😀

  15. This is my first time ever trying yoga. I felt relaxed during the whole time, and I did all three videos in one long session. Her explanations of the poses help you understand how to properly do the poses and what your body should be doing and feeling like during each pose. I literally lost 1lb doing all three videos, with a two minute water break in between each one. I feel energized, relaxed, I feel stretched out, loose, and my back pain is literally gone. I have not flexed for any workout since I did gymnastics as a kid, feels refreshing to do yoga, and I will continue to watch her videos to perfect the poses, and to use her other videos. Love the videos! 🙂

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