17 thoughts on “60 Min. Intense Full Body HIIT + Abs Workout | Day 09 – 30 Day Full Body Burnout Vol. 3

  1. Bahahaha. … must of been on Crack huh lol! I have an espresso before I workout with you-really gives me an extra burst 😉
    I really enjoyed the burnout mid-way, it was a nice mix up 🙂

  2. U read my mind ..same thoughts about struggling to do workout but at the end u fight and do it anyway …great workout and my abs specially my upper ones are killing me through ab moves… And for burn out format I love to do it before abs as after doing abs u getting a little be cooler than before it and body is still warmer than after abs …+Millionaire Hoy

  3. I just like how u are engaged with your viewers and replying them! 🙂 I have nv quitted ur workouts, however it seems harder by the day! I am on ur month 3 and that one hour is so long haha 🙂 keep up the great work, I really admire u ! 

  4. Oh boy, i've done your workout with 1,5-1,5 kg ankle weights…. It was killer, but i did every single move! My abs were burning, my eyes too because of the sweat. I'm really happy to found you, your wos will be in my weekly routine. Thank you!

  5. Oh my goooooood! Is it possible? To do these workouts? I'm the member of zgym, i do lisa's (bodyrock) workouts, Christine Salus' wos, butt this video kicked my butt, only to watch it. Tomorow i'll try (try to try – omg).

  6. Hi Millhoy. Well I made it but it was rough. 5 hrs sleep does not help this go smoothly.  Oh but it was great with the burnout before the abs.  I did not feel like working out today but of course I showed up.  Thank you Millhoy, Cheers, Kate 🙂

  7. I liked not having the burnout at the end. It was much nice when we were finished abs to be DONE! It took me an extra 10 min to finish this workout today. It's cold and rainy here in PA. Sam and I walked to the store before the rain and I carried heavy groceries home but in general the cold and rain make my pain worse so this workout was an extra challenge for me today. I had to take more time and Sam also had a fit in the middle of the abs section so we had some time out too. But I did it. I'm hurting but so glad I pushed through and finished! 

  8. I really liked doing the burnout before the abs. Get all the standing workouts done and for some reason, I have more energy for the burnout before the abs, rather than after. So yea, I vote for before the abs.

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