1. Hi there Shelly.  I am writing from Guangzhou, China where I live with my family.  I discovered your channel while browsing for a workout about 2 weeks ago.  I like the way you think and work and combine strength with HIIT in circuit training.
      I just completed this workout with my 13 year old daughter who is also looking to shed weight and improve conditioning.   I will challenge my husband and high-school-aged daughter to try this one with us this weekend.  Soon, you will have a family of followers. lol.

    Just wanted to say thanks for not taking it easy on us!  There are so many workouts on this site that consist of 10 reps of some specified movement plus 10 reps of another specified movement and that is considered sufficient for changing our bodies?!?! 
    You're doin' it right.  I look forward to your pep and energy and intense circuits and will spread the word Shelly. 

    Keep it up!

  2. Shelly, I've been participating in your workouts for about 7 months, and every time I am so grateful for your hard work and planning, as well as the positivity that infuses every video. Somehow, though, this is the first time I've actually logged in to say thanks! So please know that you are very much appreciated, and thank you x 50 🙂

  3. Yay new workout for the year!!! Iv been desperate for a new workout as I have done all your other ones many times and still love them but its good to add another one in to the mix!!!

  4. Just did this workout after a three week vacation where I had little chance to work out and was dealing with a health issue.  Why did I select this one to start off with?!  Oh momma!  Good one!  I will revisit it soon to see improvement.  I can't believe how quickly it takes to lose the strength and stamina when you take time off.  But I'm back on track and thanking you for it.  🙂

  5. Hi Shelly! I'm new to your channel and just LOVE everything you are about! Just wondering, is there a special order to how beginners aiming for total body weightloss should start your workouts? Should we start from video 1 and then make our way up to the present? Any feedback would be amazing! Keep being amazing!!

  6. I just finished this. I feel so accomplished. I just wanna say THANK YOU! if anyone thinks her workouts don't work, THEY DO. be consistent and you will see results I absolutely love working out to you. See ya tomorrow lol

  7. Thank you for another great work out Shelly! I'm sweating like crazy and loving it. I had my 2 boys (ages 3 and 5) join in on the workout too! They would cue me and tell me what to do! "Mom, roll over and then push up!" I would say, "ok guys! Thanks!" Then I would do the sit ups and drum roll on their backs when I came up! So fun!

  8. Happy New Year!! and Great video!!! Keep up the amazing work! If you are looking for any of the latest and greatest copyright free music for your future video check out my channel. All my music is free to use without getting a copyright strike.

  9. Happy new year Shelly! thanks for uploading! you always kick my butt in the best way. during the workout I hate you in the worst way lol but after I love you bc i'm glad you pushed me to finish.  <3

  10. Doing this one tomorrow Shelly! Thank you for all the great workouts in 2016… looking forward to another awesome year of working out with you in 2017!! Happy New Year!💪💦❤

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