28 thoughts on “30 Minute High Intensity Indoor Cycling Workout – Burn Fat Fast

  1. dear GCN, your videos give great value to the cycling community. We understand you also have to make money with ads, but ads in the middle of your work out videos are not a good idea, please put this right. you have tons of over videos to monitize. Thanks

  2. Hi guys I am a very unfit and overweight SMIL (Septuagenarian Man In Lycra) who has been motivated by this training video. Many thanks for putting life back into my old legs. I pump up the volume and it’s just as if I have Si with me in the room as my personal trainer. I am aiming to do five of these 30 minute sessions per week.
    I only recently found out that Si is a Shepton Lad. I myself am a Bristol Boy now residing in Kuala Lumpur.
    I have very fond memories of Shepton Mallet. Dropping down off the Mendips, avoiding the Glasshouse, spotting the Bambi on the roof then flat out down the Fosseway to the South Coast in an original Morris Minor long before speed limits. Happy days.GCN is a great Channel long may it go on.
    Many thanks to the crew for making it so.
    Old Silver Back.

  3. If I want to perform this exercise outside, do I stay in the same gear as the breaks/warmup when in the 30 secs interval? .. and just max out my pedalling?

  4. I am so glad I found Global Cycing Network! I love your workouts; they've made training indoors something I actually look forward to, instead of something I dread. Not to mention, when I finally did hit the trail on my bike…I felt a lot fitter than I had expected to, after taking so much time off this winter. Thanks!!!

  5. Don't mind adverts but why the fuck is it fucking paddy fucking power every fucking time wae that fat cunt in it singing bull fucking shit.

  6. This is my favorite workout did it all winter really helped , on my bike now in upstate New York 9w what a difference. A+++++
    Yep the Ads pain in the Asser especially in the middle of the interval???

  7. Thanks for all your indoor cycling videos, they are incredible. I have a Kettler indoor bicycle and it has Watts feature. At what level can one take the power output at peak exercise during sprinting? Or let me ask you in another way. For a 62 year old male what should be your target heart rate?

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