22 thoughts on “Brutal Abs Workout – Abs, Obliques and Lower Back Workout with No Equipment

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    I am pretty active and climb a lot. I consider myself in pretty good shape but needed to step up my cardio for climbing and just to drop a few pounds an tone up more. My best friend, whom I climb with, turned me onto you guys. You guys are awesome and I sweat like I am outside cycling in the heat. Just want to say thank you for the videos you make and offer to people. Good work!!! Also I love those weights you use. I live in a small space and I looked into getting a pair. Kelli, thanks for getting the word out on your video to women to not be scared to lift. I cannot tell you how many women I hear "I don't want to bulk up." Lifting is the single most important training to take you into later years – keep you walking and moving! Thank FB crew!

  2. I'm used to you having 3 seconds countdowns instead of 5. This one threw me off lol. And them flutter kicks, oh my. Tapped out in a few of them. Workout complete 03.05.2017 – 5.11am.

  3. Question, if I may: but shouldn't there be a longer rest period between exercise groups? 10 seconds between sets seems okay, but I'm a little skeptical as to only 10 seconds between groups – grateful if anyone can refute/confirm.

  4. i love the whole concept of ur videos like the thing with the cals on the side and the breaks and that u show us the hard and easy version, thats just lovely guys keep doing this pls ❤

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