37 thoughts on “20 Minute Full Body Toning Home Dumbbell Workout

  1. this really got me panting… I've tried lots of workout including sprints, but never have I felt like puking.. damn it felt good! thanks a lot bro.. u deserve a sub

  2. Any advice for inhaling and exhaling during the second set? I'm not used to doing many exercises that involve more than one contraction at a time, and the fact that I don't know how to breathe in rhythm with that workout really throws me off. Thanks in advance!

  3. Is there any added benefit to bringing down the arms all the way down during Cuban press? Some postures I have seen hold the shoulders till the elbow perpendicular to the body till the rep is completed.

    Btw did this workout with 15lbs a few days ago .. took me 2 days to get through the soreness! Great routine! Thanks for sharing!

  4. First day at workout and watched your videos. Just thru with the above workout and it feels good. Thanks mate & keep up the good work. Hope to see you daily on youtube 🙂

  5. Great workout. Exactly what I have been looking for in a total body workout. I'm going to use this workout 3x per week to start and progress to every other day. Thank you. Diana

  6. This was a great workout, you even made it seem like it it was hard for someone who hasn't been sitting around doing nothing for the last 6 months. Thanks for the work out, was hard, but you spurred me on.

  7. ive been weight training in the gym for over 3 years. just now i finished this workout at home using 4kg dumbells. let me tell you this workout left me wiped out !! gonna check out some of your other videos now and subscribe. thank you from a fellow irish man aged 45.

  8. This is really great workout! I'm doing it 2 times a day – one in the morning and one in the evening. Currently with 3kg. Going to switch to 5kg when my body is ready. Thank you Zeus!

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