43 thoughts on “Total Body Yoga – 40 Mins Full Body Yoga Asanas – Shilpa’s Yoga

  1. this is the best video for yoga,instructions given through out is so relishing and motivating.I find myself so much better now after following these,thank you.Try to upload more of such

  2. M a big fan of Shilpa shetty, and she motivates me to follow yoga. Recently I have started practicing yoga at home watching her videos and I am feeling very good about it. Just wanted to know how much time we have to do each asanas, as much as shown in the video or more?? I am sure Yoga rejuvenates mind, body and soul…how much it helps to lose weight?? thanks in advance:-)

  3. I am not doubting the health benefits of yoga, but I do believe you can take it too far. Shilpa Shetty in my eyes doesn't look healthy here, she looks like a skeleton almost. I think she looked miles better before she got into all this fitness business. Nowadays there seems to be an obsession with looking stick thin, and it doesn't look attractive.

  4. Thank you for this video. I can't afford to go to Yoga classes right now and I miss having yoga to help relieve my anxiety. This video is excellent and perfectly paced.

  5. thnx shilpa for rejuvenating me once again i wld practice all asanas but due to matrimony challenges i neglected my healyh. i shall again start yog . thnx a million god bless u and ur family.great.

  6. it really streches… i did after many yrs. but it is creating some problem in my vagina. it stretches my vagina too tht i had to go inside washroom and insert a fingure and wash to cure myself… may b because i did it after so long

  7. shilpa ji aap ke ye yoga mene karne ki koshish ki magar body pain bhahut ho raha he sare yogasan bahut acche he body ke liye magar is pain se kese chutkara paau🙁😟😟

  8. although yoga is a great way to relieve stress and for weight loss, I found Lara duttas workout routine to be better. here the narrator is so fast that by the time we finish one asana, he is jumping to the other… there is no relaxation space at all. no warm up, no cool down. no feel of fat burning at all.

  9. This is my favourite and the one I have chosen to perform regularly , but in my opinion it is very beneficial to watch the intro to this video which was not included on this upload. They explain some of the questions asked in the comments here. I think my only complaint with this wideo overall is that the narrator waits so long during some asanas before revealing that the asana should only be held for one breath . . .

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