15 thoughts on “Full Body Workout #6 for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle

  1. Hey! i have a question.Are these 6 workouts to be performed 6 days in a week?And after going through these for a month do we have to change reps and weights?Ans plz

  2. Hey vince I am not sure where to comment for a response but I had a couple questions about abs I used to have a 8 pack I was 6ft 1 and 153lbs I am now 163 same height but I don't have the 8 pack in skinny but stronger than I look I was wondering about a couple snacks and a good way for me to get toned I am 18 and I play basketball and am a senior in HS but also are you a Christian because I see the cross you wear and that's awesome praise God bro! God bless thanks in advanced!

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