1. Why do you suppress comments as soon as it's about doping? I have been muscu since 2012 like you and you can know that your evolution is punctuated with cures, you had a thyroid problem and you take so many risks for muscular results, you really did not understand anything to life and Your health, maybe you intend to compete? … But I do not think, so thoughtful before posting evolutions, it is normal that such an evolution stirs curiosity and incomprehension

  2. He'd honestly look a lot better if he'd just get off the damn juice. He looks like every other roided out guy. It's not pleasing to the eye. It's a look that will become dated — "the roided gym bro look of the early 21st century" with the big stupid headphones and Mario Bros looking hat. Lame. Where's the gallon of what looks like radiator fluid that every gym douche carries around? "Gotta have my BCAAs bruh!" He has great genetics, why not show us what you can do with them alone?

  3. VonZilla! Maybe u think it is shitty vlogs… from a viewer point.. u making good vidz braah and one tip if u wanna make it better, explain quickly more about the workouts what it does and why u doin them:p chapstick brotha! 🙂

  4. I had stress past couple days and I was about to skip my back workout than I watched this video I changed myself mind and forgot about my stress and now getting ready to hit The gym. Thanks mate for a wonderful video

  5. That's why my mom gets Mad at me according to the time I spend at the gym, Lol. But I love the Art of Abusing Yourself. Everything takes time. When you know how to work on your body parts you end up finding out that alot alot of time is all need.

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