22 thoughts on “▶GREATEST ACTION WORKOUT MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH & MUSIC – Epic Inspirational Music Mix|1-Hour

  1. my couch made fun of me because I was always behimd the whole group. I'm 13 and im ready to go back to that school and show him. show him how much ive changed. in proving all those people wrong. I can do better. no. haha. I can do WAY better!

  2. Guys I promised myself starting tomorrow I'm going to change. I need to do something with my life. I just sit at home playing video games all day just sit at home and get high. I got to quit. for my own good. I'm going to start working out tomorrow. I need to.

  3. Nice workout/mix/motivation , it motivates me when i am training thank you!!
    Some of guys know greg plitt? (Army, ranger , number 1 fitness model ) who died in 2015 If you want motivation videos with greg plitt in your ear go to my dailymotion account att dailymotion.com and search BrahXXxxXXxx greg plitt tribute legacy and enjoy!

  4. For those who it works, keep it up.
    And those who can't move further, please check in to your details.
    Sometimes its good in big steps but then you lost your view on the details.

    REMEMBER! ONE! THING! "everything counts".
    Don't let details fool you out.
    Its like every second.

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