47 thoughts on “30 Minute Athletic Training and Conditioning Cardio HIIT Workout

  1. Your workout videos seem really well put together and the way you have your techs like the timers and preview seem very helpful to me. I really like the way you have everything laid out. Going to be doing this workout soon!

  2. It took me 1 hour to complete entire exercise thanks man.. first day…I feel like my lower body is weaker than upper body…. I would like to continue as this my routine ..love form India

  3. Man that work out was intense but I pushed through 😂😁 man your workouts have helped me soo much and is defo gonna help me with my football. And also makes me look good when I do my own videos 😂😂 thanks man 👊🏻💯

  4. Hey Millhoy, Im glad that you are back with a new good quality workout. I have been a fan of you and your workout for one year now. Ive been constantly doing them everyday. Thank you for providing us everything you have provided. Much love from california.

  5. Sprinter Pushups and Jack 5 Burpees… YES!!! Jugglers and Duck Lunges… NO!!! LOL! Seriously, they so are challenging and effective! I thought the next new workout would be the start of the new series! Thank you so much, Millionaire Hoy! 🙂

  6. about to do this workout! thanks as always for amazing workouts, and keeping a super cool attitude throughout the entire video. now let's just hope i can keep up with this haha

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