35 thoughts on “Bike Workout to Lose 10 Pounds THIS WEEK – Lose 30 Pounds in 30 days

  1. I was filled with joy that it was almost over then the bonus workout appears.. got through it. Highly recommend a microfiber cape, the sweat, yikes. First day, going to attempt a double dose tomorrow. Thanks so much for the video! 👍

    Day 2: I could only manage the one dose, almost joined the afterlife after the end of set #2.

    Going to do this once per day (5 days a week), with intermediate fasting and diet in check.

    I will update every Sunday. (last updated 16 July 17)

    Update a week on: (6 per week)
    No weight loss thus far BUT my calories must be off, diet drinks added an extra 100 calories In didn't count. Also. I am sediotary all day minus this workout.
    My stomach does look like its beging to tone up tho!
    Didn't exercise fasted today and I had no energy to complete the bonus workout.
    I will amend all of the above and edit post on a week 🙂

    apologies for bad spelling and grammar

  2. I've been looking for a good spin bike video
    And today I found it. Omg i love you 💕 I love the video and I'm looking forward for tomorrow's session
    Thank Adrian ☺️

  3. As with any weight loss program, the closer you are to your natural goal, the smaller the room for improvement. Now think of you muscles like a clothesline. The muscles droop with heavy items on it, and will rise up some when the items are removed. The involved muscles must then be strength trained so they sag only as much as a power line. There is very little need to have them tight as piano wire. You want to be healthy and active, not competitive on a national level.

  4. This really does work! I've lost 6kgs which is 13.228 pounds just in one week oh and I was doing the intermittent fasting. Still got a lot to go!!

  5. I love your work out routine, how you say imagine a rat, snake, serial killer bear behind you, lol I am going to order an X-Bike I will be utilizing your routine. Your before after pictures impressive.

  6. thankyou Adrian, I'm glad I found you and i'll push on with you. I was once 148 kg , then got to 137.8 then 128 up and got to 117 kg down from there I am down to 113.3 kg its taken me years but im going the rest of the way with you .so from 117 to 113 kg it been with you. dealing with things past has help me to higher (i wont give up ) ground Praise The Lord 🙂 The Lords Blessings To You Adrian. from Catherine NZ

  7. (Yes i feel like i'm ranting ) BUT lol

    My weight has been stuck at 143.4 and 143.8 lbs for over a week now. Before starting your workout i did my measurements and weighed and my weight was 143.8 lbs so i am excited to see if i'll at least lose 1 lbs by the end of the week (yes i read your comment that 10 lbs or less won't lose 10 lbs in a week) but its worth a shot its my intention to attempt to do this during my workout sessions in the mornings Mon – Fri (and i might attempt twice per day) wanna see how much weight i can lose by Feb 8! Will update on Feb 3rd 2017 ( btw it was so intense that i just had to weigh after lol and the scale says 142.6 lbs looks good to see but i dont rly trust that at all )

  8. I must saying doing the workout went by MUCH faster than watching it! Ive been on a weight loss journey since round about January 3rd 2017 more so because i saw cellulites on my legs something i've NEVER had before and am SUPER conscious of! so i've made it a goal to lose weight by my birthday which is Feb 11. I started out at 148.8 i believe on January 3rd and have been working out at home and drastically improved my eating habit. I try to workout 5 days a week which i have done for 96% of my the since Jan 3rd. I know 148 might not be heavy to some people but everybody knows what weight they are comfortable at and mine is between 130 – 135 MAX. Ive always had a flat tummy but big thighs run in my family so even when i was 130 i still had big thighs but NO Cellulites! My aim was to get to at least 139 by my birthday and i am still hoping for that miracle. 🙂

  9. I watched the workout for about 15 mins (which felt like 2 hours of torture) and got exhausted at 3 mins in and was saying Heck NO! but then with all your constant motivational pics and you yourself motivating in a way which is different from MOST 'trainers' (who normally just say 'come on you can do it' or 'one more' or "10 more seconds) yours was mores creative and thats a plus. So after 20 mins of watching and being motivated i decided to give it a shot! – (today makes my first time ever making any public comments in my life (this being the 2nd)

  10. I am 37 years old. I'm 1.77 m tall and I weight 90 kilos.
    How many kilos would I lose if I did this exercise one day, and "Bike Workout to Lose 10 Pounds THIS WEEK – Lose 30 Pounds in 30 days" the next day?
    I would do this intermittently for 6 days (Mon-Sat) and I would rest on Sunday.
    Thanks for your reply.

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