Timberbrother Anti-Burst Exercise Ball / Swiss Ball 65cm Diameter with Pump for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Physical Therapy, Gym and Home Exercise (Violet)

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Timberbrother Exercise Ball is constructed of soft elastic with a diameter of approximately 55cm/65cm/75cm and filled with air. It’s most often used in physical therapy, athletic training and exercise. It can also be used for weight training.

A primary benefit of exercising with an exercise ball as opposed to exercising directly on a hard flat surface is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles. Those muscles become stronger over time to keep balance. Most frequently, the core body muscles – the abdominal muscles and back muscles – are the focus of exercise ball fitness programs.

They offers versatility and variety, which is ideal for working out at home or in the gym. Perform a variety of exercises designed to tone and strengthen core muscles.

It’s used by countless physical therapists and personal trainers to strengthen and tone muscles and bones of the hips, back, legs, hands, arms and shoulders.

Inflation Tips — Due to the flexible PVC material, some may look smaller than expected. We suggest inflating 80% of size on the initial inflation and left the ball overnight to get fully stretched. Then inflate to maximum recommended size gradually and it will reach its final size after 1-2 re-inflation.


1.Warm up before engaging in demanding physical activity.

2.Maintain proper posture, keep your back straight or prevent your knees from locking down on most exercises.

Safety Precautions

1.Keep away from sharp objects.

2.Make sure to inflate it properly using the pump provided. Use the blue nozzle to inflate and red to deflate.

3.Make sure to have proper grip on the floor. Workout mats should be avoided as they can shift around beneath you.

4.Sweat may cause you to slip, it’s recommended that you use good training shoes & shirt in order to cover your upper body.

Due to the flexible PVC material, some may require time to get fully stretched. Please inflating 80% of size on the initial inflation and left the ball overnight to stretch. It will reach its final size after 1-2 re-inflation
In The Box: Exercise Ball, Foot Pump…//… Diameter: 55cm / 65cm / 75cm. Made from high quality PVC material, Anti-Burst tested and designed to withstand the most rigorous of workouts. Burst-Resistant: 300kg
Ideal for Yoga and Pilates exercises, sit up / abdominal exercises and stretching after a hard cardio or bodybuilding work out routine
Use the fitness ball to tone and sculpt your abs, gluts, hips, thighs and other muscles. Increase flexibility, relax muscles, decrease tension. Enhance your coordination and balance by increasing your core strength. Try using this exercise ball as an office chair to improve your posture
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