Intense Arms, Abs and Leg HIIT workout (Time Challenge #1)

My time : 18:27 Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises as fast as possible: 1) 50 side lunges w/weights (2-5lbs) 2)10 breakdance pushups 3) 5 squat …


24 thoughts on “Intense Arms, Abs and Leg HIIT workout (Time Challenge #1)

  1. I've been doing your workouts for about a year now and came back to this one after not doing it a few months. It never fails to get me out of breath just when I think I'm in better shape. Great, killer workout! Would you say it is one of your more intense, shorter workouts in your opinion?

  2. So, I came back to this workout today to focus on my arms, and OWEEEEEE!!!  It worked them for sure.  I tried used 8lbs for the 50 side lunges because that's all the weight I had and pretty much burned the whole time (of course I had to take mini breaks for that exercise) Enjoy the rest of your weekend friend.  Peace

  3. yes, I also like that you demonstrate the exercises first instead of going straight to the workout, thank you. My break dance push up variation is  from low squat I twist to side and drop to monkey push up and rest knee on arm, more deep reptile instead of just  touching the elbow and then push off the floor to get back to initial low squat and then do the other side, it is a great move too.

  4. thanks for the workout 🙂 can you do a what i eat in a day video please? and more videos related to your diet, cause you have similar story with diets as I do, so it would be really heplfull! 

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