50 thoughts on “Fitness Blender Standing Ab Workout – Toning Standing Abs Exercises

  1. I did a part of this, I'll continue some other time. 🙂 thanks for posting this up here, it healed my shoulder and it snapped back in place. woohoo. 🙂

  2. I stopped about 2/3's of the way in because I just felt like I was doing everything wrong. I think my core is just very weak maybe? I really like the idea of standing ab exercises because my lower back always hurts on the floor, but this wasn't doing it for me either. Hope to find something that works soon.

  3. ok I made it throughthe first two rounds but I had just did a 10 min ab workout. Im already feeling it. This one is good for the legs and butt too. Loving these workouts.

  4. My back hurts soooo bad! I hardly went through the 2 first rounds so there's no way I could do the 3rd one. I don't want to be aching too much tomorrow….. Feels like this workout is more for the lower back than for the abs tbh

  5. shit I can't do this my flexibility sucks!!!! 😭😭😭
    and I just can't keep my lower back flat so my back hurts when I doing this…
    better get back to the mat…

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