21 thoughts on “Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burner Complete Weight Loss Workout- Full Series

  1. Worked amazing for me cleaned me out. Lost 26lbs over 1 month 3 weeks. I also ate right worked out! Awesome product i also have IBS nothing works but Weight Loss Green Store Tea did

  2. Thank you for posting online! I love that I can access this easily and will be more motivated to follow through on my fitness plans. I respect Denise, with all her educational background, experience and positive attitude- she's a role model too to working families who aim to keep their families and community healthy. With this in mind she inspires me to be get through the 45 min, past the cross country skiing part and eat healthy afterwards too!

  3. I have this dvd at home and ive been training this 2 times a day 7 Days a week for 1 year and i can say this training and combining with healthy food is a great weighlost its Amazing and i love al Denises work outs because shes Always positive in her vids…we should all in here be greatful that there is such a peson as her giving us this great opertuneties to get fit and feel healthy…..i really thank you Denice and wish you all the best in Life..many hugs

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