48 thoughts on “30-Minute Butt and Abs Pilates Bikini Workout | Class FitSugar

  1. I love this workout! I tried it firsttime today. But I am sure I will add it to my workout plan for every week minimum 2x:)And Jake is really cool,..the way how he is talking:D

  2. the energy is great, but i could actually do without as much chatter (his voice rhythm for keeping time bugs me). If it keeps others going that's great. I may just find some music to play in the background next time.

  3. This was the first time that I was trying a workout of him and now I am a complete fan. This was amazing. Normally the workouts are low impact, but this on was hard (not in the bad way). He pushed me through, great job.
    I am convinced that I can not sit down or stand up without screaming tomorrow. My booty was on fire. Thanks for the great workout.

  4. I truly enjoyed every second of this video. Very entertaining and fun. Takes your mind off of the burn. Definitely felt it the next day. Excited to make his videos a part of my everyday workout!

  5. This is so intense! I'll have to come back a bunch of times just to be able to make it through. — When he says "now double time" I'm already struggling to keep up with his pace! But I love it – thanks, guys!

  6. I love him, the way he counts is addictive haha. I don't like these movements which are so tough, but I like him. That's why I refer to this video when working out at home everyday

  7. Jake!!!! I was his "Dresser" for a Mary Poppins production he was in at Music Circus in Sacramento!! Many a hilarious moment was had as we hurriedly worked together to get him from one costume to the next in the 5 minutes he had between scenes. So cool to see you killing it on so many platforms Jake!! Miss your amazing attitude and killer dance moves!

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