29 thoughts on “45 Min HIIT Strength and Cardio Workout at Home – Full Body Cardio and Strength Training Workouts

  1. Wow! I think I definitely burned off that piece of pizza I ate last night! ❀️☝🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾
    Random question: Do you wash your workout clothes daily? I don't b/c it doesn't make sense to do only my gear 5 days /week. After I workout, I spray them thoroughly w/a mixture of Febreeze and white vinegar and hand them to air dry. At the end of the week, I wash all my gear
    TWICE with SportSuds. Even then, my get seems to hold onto that locker room smell. I buy new tees annually. Ideas?? πŸ€”

  2. I have chronic pain all over from many different injuries and I found that this type of workout and watching what I eat is giving me the strength to get thru life. Its like my body is suddenly craving it. I need to lose 40 pounds to be where I was in my 30s. I would love to feel 30 again! Ive been on tramedol for pain and all it does is ruin my liver and make me tired. So with Kratom and a lot less sugar and this workout I WILL be healed and feel young again. I promise! Thank you!

  3. This was great guys I loved every minute of it! Did it go by quickly or was it just me? Thanks guys for all your hard work. Did your 10 minute ab workout after this one and starting to see results in both my physical and mental strength.

  4. katie Turner i realise our body weight means nothing, ita about losing inches and fat.
    lets continue our journey into our fitness untill we reach our goal.
    God bless

  5. After initially loosing 100lbs my weight loss has slowed down considerably but that's just fine. I'll continue to persevere and enjoy the ride with the coach & Claudia. I think inches are coming off if not weight necessarily as I had an acquaintance comment on my weight loss a few days ago. It's motivating to hear this occasionally and gives me inspiration to keep on keeping on. Well, even if I don't have someone commenting I'm not giving up or stopping. I love feeling and looking good. And honestly when someone finds out my age I have to admit I love the fact that they're flabbergasted. For all you young folks out there I want you to know that at age 66 I feel this is one of the best times in my life. You have everything to look forward to.

  6. hey guys thank you so much for your workouts.
    from i discovery you guys, i do your exercises 3 to 4 times per week.
    i have lost inches from my waist but i notice i have the same weight, its only 2 months now since i started working out again. i did a surgery some months ago.

  7. Congratulations on reaching 500k and thank you again for all that you do! You guys inspire me tremendously being that I am a full time Mom and since having my daughter it has been difficult to get to the gym as I normally would! Thank you thank you! Now on to doing this crazy work out since my pre work out is kicking in!

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