35 thoughts on “Upper Body Dumbbell Workout – Weight Training with Dumbbells

  1. I really like that both Kelly and Daniel do videos because I think my boyfriend feels more comfortable working out with me when there is a male in the video. I think it makes him feel as though the workout is challenging enough for him even though Kellys workouts can kick anyone's butt!

    Chest Press & Tripod Row — 0:26

    Overhead Press & Pullover — 8:06

    Alternating Curl &
    Overhead Triceps Extension — 14:34
    I am surprised not every uploader adds
    time-marks to their video descriptions.

  3. gave this a try today. pretty good. could have added lateral raise/pec fly.
    Also it is not clear when to start and stop the moves if you are just listening.
    Please add "3 2 1 Go" kind of countdown and count through the sets.

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  5. which particular powerblock set is being used in the video is it the URETHANE, SPORT OR CLASSIC SERIES SET? and how many pounds is that set? the website has many series/

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