14 thoughts on “Intense Full Body Workout Real Time

  1. She makes them look easy(remember she just did a lot of push-ups). But when you try it, as I have. Believe me it is gruelling. But it is totally worth it. Key is to remember that you may not be able to all of these on day one. But idea is to eventually be able to complete them in one go. You go girl!

  2. Melissa, just found your playlists with favorites! You are amazing. Thank you so much for working so hard to keep your youtube channel going strong and offering all your videos for free!! Amazing. I do your videos every morning before work. They are a kilker, but I feel incredible and beatiful when I'm finished. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  3. this was great!! i personally liked how you paused a few times to gather yourself…..u r suuuuppper fit and it shows its okay to take a 3 sec beat every now and then! you goooo giiirl!! 😀

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