45 thoughts on “Morning Energizing Yoga Full Body Abs Legs Power Workout Espresso Shot Inner Thigh

  1. Ali, I have been following your online classes for over a year and cannot thank you enough for the peaceful, challenging classes you provide. I am a physical therapist, but having always been an athlete and competitive with myself, I had a difficult time overcoming my own hip injury. Thanks to your classes, I was able to return to running with minimal hip pain. I find your classes spiritually refreshing, peaceful, and as much a mental as a physical challenge. Thank you for who you are and what you do for others! I did love this video–so well balanced between stretching and strengthening and certainly brought up my heart rate!

  2. Awesome class!! I had a hard time balancing in eagle and warrior 3. Any suggestions?
    Also for the first time I was able to do crows pose. So empowering:)

  3. I'm new to your channel, Ali, but I love, love, LOVE this flow. I've done it twice so far. Working my way towards intermediate, but your classes push me in just the right way. Thank you and namaste, you beautiful yogi!

  4. Hey…the last time I did this class was two years ago. What a great way to measure growth! I did every single burpee without any difficulty. BIG IMPROVEMENT! Wow…that says a lot about your teaching Ali. I also completed the warrior three dips …to standing leg balance/forward fold…to eagle…flawlessly…I can not thank you enough for the amazing gifts your classes give. You are just so special…so gifted…so beautiful…so generous.You always have us moving in a forward progression…ever reaching for the stars. Love…and some more love, xoxox, ever, L

  5. That was really tough hehe I never knew yoga could be so hard. Sweating and out of breath but I loved it and what a beautiful beautiful setting you are in dear 🙂 Thank you for sharing xo

  6. amazing yoga practice! power yoga is definitely my thing, don't like regular yoga it's too slow for me. wow i was sweating and felt like a proper HIIT workout! love this x

  7. This is literally an expresso shot! I am sweatingggg!! This is the first morning one that i've done, opting for the shortest you have. Now i just need to wake up 10 minutes earlier for the other ones! Thank you!

  8. little bit too much undressed……???I kind of like Ali, but I know for sure, that during yoga you should be dressed little more , and to cover maybe some bones with problems if you do have.

  9. came to this this morning remembering it as a nice easy one. I think I mis-remembered it! Either that or I have gotten seriously unfit! Still getting my breath back from the chataranga pushupss to squat jump. Maaaaaaaan!

  10. Dear Ali, I have a big challenge in having a clear and sharp mind at work in the mornings. I feel sleepy, tired and I can't concentrate. Doing yoga in the mornings would improve those symptoms, but I am seeking for the right type of yoga with 30 mins long.
    I love this class by you very much and I in fact practice it in the evenings; It is very difficult for me to follow it in the mornings because I have low blood pressure. Moreover, because I start a day very early, I don't have much time; e.g. to take a shower afterwards to get prepared to go to work, unless I sacrifice my sleeping time to wake up even earlier than I do. 
    Which one of your classes would suggest me? I greatly appreciate your advice and I always love all of your classes! Thank you, Ali. 

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