49 thoughts on “To Lose 10 Pounds in a WEEK = Do This Elliptical Workout

  1. Well I did the workout three days the first week and lost 8 lbs. The 2nd week I got up at 4:30 A.M. and did the workout five days a week. The results, not one pound lost.🤔 I am doing this workout 4 the rest of the month, but think I will skip the scale and pull out the tape measure. I know I need a weight training plan and am now on the hunt for a routine I can use @ the gym.

  2. took almost a week off and I'm so pumped! (I'm procrastinating as I say this omg) I think the hardest part about this workout is the first set. but I'm about 230 lbs and 5'9 (as in massively obese) I'm finishing 4 sets today and my goal is 2.4 miles every day I've been adding part of a set and .1 miles my goal is to hit 120-150 lbs I hope I can do it! working out really increases self esteem and ive learned that thanks so much!

  3. i can't wait to get to the gym to do this 🙂 I am bouncing on an exercise ball while watching this…. I'm working at the moment but i workout during my lunch break

  4. this works.
    before this workout I weighed myself and was 218, after this workout I weighed 216, I lost 2 pounds.
    now , I thought It was just water weight and as soon as I drank water or ate something I'd be back at 218 …. but no !
    Even after that workout i ate 2 meals and then had breakfast the next morning before i got back on the scale and i still weighed 216 .
    I finally found what I was lacking in my workouts!!!!

  5. UPDATE: I've done this workout ( I never made it to the bonus round), once a day for 3 days straight.I lost some weight. My pants are loose,I can slip it down my hips. My tops are looser as well,l about an inch looser. I eat about he same but I mind my portions. I do use a Vasidilator cream( sweet Sweat) on my problem areas ( abs, hips, buns & thighs). I also wear a belt. My plan is to do this at least 5 or times a week. I'm determine to do this for 4 weeks straight. After that lower the amount of time I do this workout to maintain my weight. Im very happy ! He was not lying! Even if you cannot sprint the full 30 secs give your all,… I did ! I also respect my start time…each time he says go, I go!! Mind you in some sets I only sprinted 15 secs of the 30 because my muscular endurance and cardio is not there. I used an elliptical machine , a cheapy one from amazon.

  6. I did this workout for the first time…..OMG! I covered in sweat….I gave it my all did not make to the bonus round…tomorrow , I will try to do a part of the bonus. I marked my calendar , 10 pounds per week…..this is motivating..even if I dont loose 10, I know I will loose some wight! God bless you for this video.

  7. I have a Boy Scout trip to Philmont in a month. Your videos have put me on pace to come in at the right weight and with great cardio conditioning. Awesome stuff.

  8. I've been going to the gym for almost a month now, I've been extremely consistent and eating well and haven't seen a difference on the scale or my body. Gonna try this workout tomorrow.

  9. I'm sweating buckets!!! Great workout! Right about the time I saw I wasn't getting the distance and calories burned I normally get, you said 'it's not about that, it's about the intensity'. Thank you for that and I agree because right now my body is saying 'way better workout than the usual, thank you!' I'll be hanging with this video and using your weight loss plan for the next week. My weight loss emergency is winning my DietBet game next Sunday!

  10. Adrian should do it every other day 2x a day? or can i do it 4 days in a row 2x a day with 3 days off? I have been doing the work out. for almost 2 weeks and the scale is not moving, but i feel alot better.

  11. I was going to stop right after the 4th set until you said "don't quit like those other people after their 4th set" made me more motivated! Thanks you this workout was a burner and I glad I got that bonus🙌🏾

  12. Wow just wow, thank you so much for this motivational video. I just started working out and this video right here motivates the hell out of me when I'm on the elliptical, again thank you for this awesome video!!!

  13. How come no one talking about how sore you'll be after the first time you do this workout? Did this workout on Thursday, it's now Saturday and I can't go a flight of stairs.

    Granted I was doing 16 mph during each burst

  14. oh my goodness! this is my second time working out with this video. first time I made it up to about 6 minutes in. and I was tired optimistic but tired. today because my kids cooperated lol I pulled through the whole thing! I want to say I'm dead tired and exhausted but I actually feel really good! I'm very much looking forward to continuing with this video and helping me be more healthy.

  15. Alright. No more killing my ego on the elliptical watching others use machines so I can get an idea of wth I'm gonna do next. I'm taking this with me when I go next time. Operation: Wedding Workout 2.0 is underway! Thanks for this and thank you for talking THE ENTIRE TIME!!! It helps for those that need that push every.single.step.of.the.way. 😉

  16. This is my. 2nd time doing this including the bonus round and omg I was dripping sweat I literally couldn't do anything else but walk out the gym and go home 😭 I'm going to keep this up! Thank you Mr. Bryant!

  17. You need to make the breaks 20 minutes. Just Kidding ha ha ha
    I started at 267 pounds 2/10/2017  over a month ago. I am now at 251 3/29/2017 Yahoo.
    My goal is to make the low 230's.

  18. Man! I did this yesterday and plan on adding it to my other routines. I must say, this work out is so intense, i Loved it so much. And Adrian, you kept me moving and motivated, your voice was just what i needed! I felt so proud to finish and cant wait to tell my friends about this

  19. I bought an elliptical last week and found your videos tonight, just did this and I'm pouring sweat! I had a spinal fusion in 2013 and haven't been able to find a workout that doesn't kill my back, but this is awesome! I'm 5'6 and 200lbs right now. I'll update with weight in 3 weeks. Going to do this every night.

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