37 thoughts on “30 Minute Dumbbell Strength Training Workout

  1. Wow what a workout! That was insane. I could hardly breathe. I literally paused the video three times to take a rest. I'm gonna feel the whole thing tomorrow 10x impact. Ouch! Simply awesome.

  2. Don't listen to the complainers…show that positive personality of yours…if it irritates people, it's a reflection on them not you! This workout was great!! I am sweating and though it felt intermediate for me, completing the 3 rounds is an awesome workout. I feel energized! Thanks Jake!

  3. OH MY GOD. For the love of God, take a goddamn breath. Way too much excitement in the beginning. I had to put this video on mute. too much talking. But I love the exercises. Good job, you.

  4. I'm trying to get back in to shape. I've put on a significant amount of weight over the last few years. I do jogs every morning but I want to incorporate a dimbell/strength training workout I can follow easily that's low impact on my knees. do you have a workout that falls under this preference?

  5. Hi
    Started doing this often. Today I completed all 3 rounds. Will you recommend doing the same every day or will you recommend trying your other videos as well like Cardio Kickboxing one day, fat burner, core,ab etc

  6. Very Hard. Needed pause even for one round. 3 rounds took serveral minutes of break in between. But very effective for
    fat burning and weight loss. Great Relentless Jake. I am liking the work out and your presentation or commentary that was very humouros too!!!

  7. That was tough!  I had to pause it twice.  Thank you for the challenge though – I like it when I get pushed to the limits because that's where growth happens!  Love your zany humor too; makes it seem less painful.  🙂

  8. Would I look weird if I did these kinds of workouts at the gym? I can't exercise in my apartment anymore because of noise compliants and I love doing these kinds of workouts but don't know if I'd like weird doing youtube workout videos at the gym. I probably shouldn't really care what people think, haha.

  9. Great workout brother! Man workout 196 Kickboxing killed my butt, the 180 jump squat kicks, never been that sore before 🙂 probably did the exercise right. Loved the weighted kickboxing! gonna mix up things next month combine weighted kickboxing and kettlebell, e.g 30 minutes kickboxing straight after do a 20-30 kettlebell workout in the mornings, thanks for the inspiration!

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