27 thoughts on “Full Body Workout #5 for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle

  1. HAD A HUGE QUESTION! Please I'm using these exercises in my quest of getting back in the gym and my goal is to gain 10lbs of muscle in 2 months… I weigh about 140 and 6'0 in height. I'm fairly athletic so I'm use to heavier weights so I'm curious to know how much weight I should be using with each of these exercises and how it should vary from 1st week to the second.

  2. Hi Vince, for pre workout supplementation, would you include caffeine or not? I have heard arguments for both, and whilst leaning towards the with caffeine side, I must admit im a little confused. Thanks!

  3. Hey Vince can u plz help me! Been asking for your help quiet some time. How do you feel about kre-alkalyn efx, and I struggle with consistently taking a protein powder do u recommend protein pills and what kind to take?

  4. I never thought of 5 lbs as being a different weight at different points in the range of motion. That's a great tip, thanks Vince! Always learning from you, you're the man and a huge inspiration!

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