16 thoughts on “20 Min Lower Body Workout – HASfit Legs Workout – Lower Body Exercises – Leg Exercise – Leg Work Out

  1. Bruh, HASfit HAS me feelin some type of way. ; D fr though ive been kinda inconsistent lately and this workout rlly kicked my ass. It was fun though, got a pump flowin through my arms from this leg workout? lol anyway i really appreciate all the effort HASfit has put into their channel. Thank you guys

  2. I love your workout man. I had a colostomy reversal three months ago and your workouts are helping me to get my health back. You have great technique and are fantastic motivator. Thank You, Arno

  3. Thank you! I loved this work out! Not so easy it's boring but not so hard that I can be lazy about not doing it or too hard to do another work out afterwards. I love your videos so much!! Thank you for sharing them for free. You are awesome!

  4. Great legs workout for the morning before I do my walk. I'm glad I found you on YouTube. I will be visiting your web site HASFIT.COM for more ideas. Thanks for posting this info on YouTube.

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