28 thoughts on “The Wave Loading Workout (LEG TRAINING) Muscle Building Program

  1. Yo yo… Wonderful clip.

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  7. I'm not a big fan of Jefferson squats. Go with dumbell squats or even deadlifts. Modify your deadlifts by sitting back a lot more which will put more emphasis on your legs. -Team Delmonte

  8. I always thought higher reps to build calves were better, Vince? For example, the higher rep range you suggested for Legs

    -Much respect with all your vids. Keep up the great work!

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  10. Good video Vince! I have some questions, does milk help you gain muscle weight? If yes, what type of milk should i drink? how much should i drink per day? im 5'4 weight about 115 lbs.

  11. Hi there.. What if I alternate this wave loading program (for type IIB) and endurance program (for type IIA) for each week..? So, let's say this week I'm doing the wave loading, the next week I'm doing the endurance, the following week I'm doing wave loading again, and so on and so forth.. Is that a good idea..? Thanks… 🙂

  12. It would be awesome to workout with you. I think my form and reps will improve drastically. Ive had problems getting lower on squats. I will try your method. Thanks!

  13. Vince, you can definitely get deeper than that man. Take the weights out from underneath your shoes so you can really stay back on your heels and push through them and not the toes. Plus you need to sit back into your squat man. You are too straight up and down. Try lower weight and the above suggestions and get down to the floor. When you wrote about Poliquin's camp you said he stressed full squats.

  14. Vince how do we combine a wave workout with other exercises.Do we do another exersise for the same musle after a wave routine?Should we combine another musle group ?

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