37 thoughts on “Indoor Walking Exercise – Full Length 30-Minute Power Walk (fat burning, walking workout)

  1. Today is my day 1…and i only be able to do 9 minutes (totally out of breath already).. and i was drenched in sweat. no kidding. I am currently 246 lbs.. wish me luck

  2. I just found this workout and I loooove it! I love your style Jessica and you're very motivating and easy to follow! Thank you for what you do… you're great at it!!

  3. I have rheumatoid arthritis and some days it is hard to work out. This workout is amazing because it is low impact yet powerful enough to feel like I'm actually working out on flare days. Thank you!

  4. Thank you !! Thank you !! I NEED to do his workout much more often . . . those extra 4~5 pounds don't look good on my hips. All tge best, Marina. May 3, 2017
    P. S. Jessica, do you advice to do this workout every day?

  5. Thank you for all these creative and challenging workouts! I had a total right knee replacement, and had been doing a variety of your workouts before and now Im 14 days post op and have 90% range of motion in my right knee. The physical therapists are amazed at how fast I have recovered and I tell them about your channel and to recommend it to others for before and after any type of surgery. <3 you Jessica and Peanut!

  6. I just discovered this workout. and I love it.  The length of the workout is manageable for my schedule, and I think it will be a nice cross-training tool for a routine walker like me.  Thanks, Jessica!

  7. Just wanted to let you know this workout was just what I needed today! Hope its not TMI but with today being my first day of my menstrual cycle, I really didn't feel like doing a hard core workout- really felt rather achy and really tired. But I remembered the best thing you can do about that in particular is to just get moving- so I did your workout, and just like you said on the video here I feel so much better now that I'm done. I just needed something that was going to get my blood moving – not to hardcore- and this was the perfect workout for that, leaving me feel more energized instead of more exhausted 🙂 THank you for making these amazing workouts- its so much more fun working out with someone, especially when they are as sweet spirited and encouraging/ energizing as you! 🙂

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