MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym: Gain Monkey Strength in 10 minutes a day Twice a Week with Bodyweight Exercise

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Hey You! Are You Skinny & Don’t Have Time? Find Out How to Build Muscle Without Going to The Gym!

Now You Too Can Learn How to Gain Muscle Mass Without Weights, Protein Shakes, Or Crash Diets!

Are you sick and tired of failing to get the muscles you want? Do you cringe when you look at the mirror at your wimpy physique? Would having a strong muscular body boost your confidence with women? Then boy, do I have something for you.
Now anyone can quickly gain MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym using body-weight exercises. It works by doing your max reps every workout, but distributes it over two sets using fixed percentages with continued progression.

Just Give me 2 Days a Week and I’ll Make You a New Man!

Ever wonder how pro athletes train? Sports science is clear, high tension delivers and it does not depend on time. You are literally throwing money down the drain by going to the gym. You can get the same work done in the time it takes to drive there, think about that!

All you need is 20 minutes per week, because when you perform the high intensity exercises, you get the anabolic growth effect in just two sets of Two Exercises.

Imagine walking through the halls at your job or school with confidence as your pecs stick out and head held high. How would that affect your life?

For Me, College Became A Lot More Fun, But It Wasn’t Always Like This

Growing up, I was always skinny. Even though I had the appetite of a hippo, putting on mass was always a challenge. I exercised, played sports, lifted weights, but I always stayed within the same weight range. Now however, is different. The gains came so fast, I outgrew my new clothes!

And The Results Were Amazing

Swinging a 30-pound dumbbell for 50 reps nearly killed me, but now I do a hundred without strain. Running down the soccer field used to give me a straining headache, feeling as though I was going to collapse, yet now I gallop through like a gazelle!

My punches and kicks had more power. In one semester, I went through two punching bags. The first time the college replaced it, but the second time around, they were wondering who the heck was destroying their equipment!

Plus, the added female attention wasn’t bad either. Girls would watch as I would pummel the bag shirtless. As a matter of fact, it’s become somewhat of a pain as I have to be careful where I go as to avoid attracting drooling eyes!

The Gains Kept coming despite Maniac Stress, Limited Food, and Lack of Sleep

I built this bulk with a 120 mile daily commute to school, studying mind racking courses such as organic chemistry, doing MBA level projects, and writing a 25+ page marketing plan for a company. This was all done while running a business of my own. Being an entrepreneur all by yourself is work…a lot of work. There were many late working nights, sacrificing adequate sleep.

7 Reasons You Should Avoid Gyms
· They’re expensive – can cost hundreds or more!
· They dirty – don’t let the modern looks mesmerize you, germs are everywhere!
· Avoid embarrassment – you’re most likely not strong enough yet to lift big weights
· Time consuming – waiting for equipment, driving, changing, etc.
· They smell – people’s sweat isn’t exactly an alluring aroma.

Where you go and whom you associate with matters. It can literally make you or break you which is why solitary training is better. Gyms these days are not the same they used to be. Even the famous Charles Atlas gave up going to the gym and used his Dynamic Tension exercises in solitude to become “The Most Perfectly Developed Man.”

If a College Geek Can Build 50lbs of Muscle Without Weights, What Can You Do?

Consider my situation:
· I had limited food
· Dealt with maniac stress
· Worked like a mad man running a business
· No protein shakes
· No gym or weights

If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!