14 thoughts on “HIIT #31: 20 minute full body HIIT workout to burn fat, build muscle, & increase fitness

  1. Hi love your workout routine. But not sure how many times a week should I be doing them? I want to loose 10 kilos. I do my exercises in the morning. Can u send me a plan of which video I should do and a plan as to how many times a week. Thanks. Varsha.

  2. I really love your workouts! Your workouts are now my favorite and I do almost 5 times a week with them. Thanks for uploading these great workouts which exclusively motivate my body to move on. There can never be excuses to skip exercising because it only takes 20 minutes!

  3. I  absolutely love your workouts !!! You really explain every detail, which is so helpful  I appreciate the time you take to explain every movement.. especially the reminder to keep my abs engaged at all times.  You're very thorough.  Thank you!!!!

  4. Love this workout! It incorporates every muscle group. Your workouts are now my favorite. For a long time, I've been searching for cardio with strength workouts. You usually find one or the other. All of your workouts offer both. They are well planned and the fact that they are 20 second intervals keeps you motivated to stay with the hardest version you can. But you always give love impact options making it great for all levels of fitness. Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your workout talent!

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