28 thoughts on “Cardio boxing challenge – 30 minute HIIT workout

  1. If your going to put the word "BOXING" inside your workout. Please learn proper form. Your going to teach thousands of people to throw jab cross jab cross from their chest. If you want to teach boxing workouts… learn how to box

  2. great workout, but one question – only doing the boxing combos in one stance (right leg forward) – will this create inbalances? should the same routine be repeated in southpaw (left leg forward) position?

  3. Hi! I just finished this challenge and i want to add this to my MyFitnessPal under the exercises that i've done. I'm wondering what type of exercise this is, should i put it down as high intensity cardio? Thanks!

  4. finally found something I love to do thank you for this I miss boxing and this brings the feel back since having kids I had to stop cause I turn into a machine when training that and I don't mind getting hit but my wife can do that lol :p

  5. This was my first body project video and I must say that was intense.
    Thank you for the constant motivation and reminding me that I am not a quitter. Without you in my ear I may have been tempted to listen to that nasty little voice in my heading telling me I can't do it.

    I feel so much stronger in mind and body after finishing and will continue to follow your programs

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