32 thoughts on “Motivation, Instrumental and Epic Music- Vol 1 :Workout/Running

  1. Thank u so much thinking of making a call of duty 2 lets play so this will be great once again thanks
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    Vanisek ytb
    Vanisek ytb3 months ago
    Yes Wiliam
    Gaming_Legend2 months ago
    This is amazing! Played this while I ran a 5k race and beat my time by 2 minutes. Keep it up, you earned a sub. 🙂
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    BOW LP
    BOW LP8 months ago
    best motivation instrumental music mix ever !!! thanks !! 🙂
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    rizal yoga
    rizal yoga1 month ago
    What's the name of the second song?
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    Trevor Franklin
    Trevor Franklin1 month ago
    its written down in his description box
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    Tesia Kurtz
    Tesia Kurtz6 months ago
    dude this is gonna help me so much. make more just as good as this. I need it
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    TheFairyTails8 months ago
    That's the shi* i want to hear when i run!!!! (y)
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    Berny Domingo
    Berny Domingo9 months ago
    What's the name of ThE song 22.45
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    Jimmy O'Phealan
    Jimmy O'Phealan8 months ago
    Two Steps From Hell – Strength Of A Thousand Men [Instrumental Core Remix
    Look the description bro
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    MatthTheStrng Jstd
    MatthTheStrng Jstd9 months ago
    realy nice descriptions
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    TheHunterTeen10 months ago
    Good shit for parkour!
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    Rian Bungsu
    Rian Bungsu11 months ago
    the best…
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    Александр Перцев
    Александр Перцев1 year ago
    Did you do it yourself ?
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    icallofdutywithyourwifeinthekitchen11 months ago
    +Khai229 maybe
    UsGames11 months ago
    +Александр Перцев no bicause i no this song
    Eben Burger
    Eben Burger6 days ago
    same old same old
    Nicolas Drescher
    Nicolas Drescher1 week ago
    perfect motivation for home work : )
    Vanessa Böhm
    Vanessa Böhm1 week ago
    coole Musik
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    David Boyd
    David Boyd3 weeks ago
    What is the song called the one that has singing in it, it is the third tune
    Slender Man
    Slender Man2 weeks ago
    Remember The Name
    Joshua Takak
    Joshua Takak1 month ago

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