20 thoughts on “Barre Legs Workout | Lazy Dancer Tips

  1. i just did part of this one after your 23 ballet barre. I love these videos! I should just stop trying anyone else's. Thank you for your work. Everything is the perfect package – the exercises, the flow of the workout, the music, and your personality. I like the squeezing the oranges expression and there is another one you use that just left my brain that almost makes me crack up. I'll comment it next time i do the other video.

  2. I love all your videos. I've been taking ballet now for only 2-1/2 years as an adult. I always wanted to take classes as a child but never did. Instead i would read may ballet technique books i'd borrow from the public library as a child. Was told i was to tall by dance teacher at school and that I should do modern dance. I did gymnastics in High School and then I did local modeling as a teen. So at the age of 57 I began adult classes in Upstate NY at the Saugerties Ballet Center twice a week. Now i'm taking Adult Beginner classes at The Joffrey Ballet School in NYC twice a week for 1-1/2 hours each night and practice your videos at home. I work long hours for a Sports & Entertainment lawyer as a legal assistant during the day hours. I will soon be 60 in October this year. Ballet keeps me feeling young & flexible. Watching and doing your videos have helped me improve so much. I carefully study your moves. Keep up the great work. Also, I just love you and your cats. There's Watson and I don't recall the name of your other cat. what's your other cats name? Best Wishes!

  3. I started 2 weeks ago to work out every day using your videos, and I love them. They are amazing! Thank you so much. I have short and toned legs – always had them, and I tend to keep my fat there, my upper body is much slimmer, and I try to re-balance my figure and get leaner legs, not easy ! I dance flamenco and have strong quadriceps and calves, and when I do the extensions of your video in the front and on the side, I feel much more my quadriceps and my hips than the back of the leg…how to correct this? If you have any advice that might help…Thank you and baci!

  4. I may never do another barbell squat again. I always hated leg day at the gym. I'm seeing great definition from using your leg workouts – especially this one – and I actually look forward to doing them rather than dreading the leg work. Thank you!

  5. Hi, Alessia! Your comments are indeed priceless! Especially in the end at the first arabesque. ))))))) That's true, nowadays "showing bum" becomes a universal norm, perhaps ballet is the single remaining exception, where it's a crime. )))))))
    Thank you for your great workouts! Love them!

  6. I've just discovered you. I'm a beginner adult who's been attending ballet workout classes for 2+ years. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful and extremely useful videos!

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