25 thoughts on “Cycling Workout – Get Fit With GCN’s 60 Minute Turbo Trainer Class

  1. I love this workout because I feel motivated for the fact they are mainly girls and I guess I can relate and feel like Im in a class. Also I feel this work out is great for people who do indoor cycling and not competitive. Keep making more like this! Thanks

  2. The only spinning girl with good form and posture is the short-haired one in the back. The rest is obviously inexperienced. And others have said enough about the terrible performance of the girl in the white short. She does everything wrong. She is hot though.

  3. Obviously the filming was done by men for men and the narration was perfomed by a kindergarden teacher. all the "c'mon" are annoying and when she said "good, good" I feel that she's gonna say "oh that's a good good boy"

  4. If you are a beginner, you should learn about the "positions" before starting. The music is lame. The close up shots of their backs and butts is weird. Usually there is an instructor that you would pay attention to for ques and form. The voice over is not very motivating.

  5. hahaha the blonde girl and the girl in front of camera are battling each other with their eyes… what's going on there? stop looking to each other with jealous and start to exercise now

  6. I did this one yesterday…..honestly though the music stunk and the Asian girl in front is annoyingly distracting. She bounces along like a nut and never adds resistance. I used to do spin at the gym and the instructor always said if you are bouncing, you aren't working. Anyone recommend a at home bike routine better than this?

  7. The girl on the left of the white shirt girl is just simply amazing. She was dripping sweat non stop even at the beginning stage i bet the cycling machine will be flooded at the end. She alone sweats more then the others inside the video. Wish her all the best she will be one of the best cycling instructor ever a living legend. Does anyone know her name?

  8. What a joke, that girl closest to the camera on the far right. Bouncing up and down like a total fool. So distracting and annoying. If she rode a real bike like that she'd be going down hard. I can never watch this video again. Awful!

  9. OK the most I have ever poured water, can't call it sweat, in my entire life. Bike he say 425cal. Fit Bit she say 498. Best you tube selection of classes I've found so far. Thanks all of you. Now officially my kinda peeps….forever.😘

  10. We are from Holland and we love bikes! We have bikes everywhere and create GoPro videos that we wanna share with the world. Subscribe and watch a new video every week.

  11. I love GNC videos and therefore expected more from this video. The riders were out of sync, not on the rhythm and bouncing around. The audio instructions were not the best. Thumbs down for this one.

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