22 thoughts on “Body Strength Training Gym Fitness Affirmations (spoken with uplifting music)

  1. I LOVE YOU JASON STEPHENSON!!!!!! I listen to your voice every morning and I fall asleep to your voice every night. I cannot afford to be a subscriber but none the less I am a HUGE fan, you've helped more than you could ever know. Thank you, my friend:)

  2. I used to workout at the gym and had a great body but I spent too much time there. Then I discovered Yoga so I stopped the gym and have gone through an awakening. Been wanting to get back the fitness body that I had before but have no motivation. Will this help me more motivated?

  3. I used to work out all the time but I got depressed and lost the motivation for going to the gym. I've been trying to find ways to motivate myself again. this video has helped me a lot and now I am on the track to building my body and strength back to Where it once was. thank you

  4. Sometimes Yoga can be a little sedate for me! Sometimes… a mega boost of aerobic mania does me the world of good! And when I start to flag? I'll be listening to you! (and I'll also be concentrating on the cover photo! lol ummm! lol). Thanks Jason for this motivating lift tonight, although I'm not sure if I'm athletic and muscular.. keep affirming Lise! Keep saying it! Much love!. xxxx

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