23 thoughts on “Rejuvenating Yoga Workout – True Beginner Fitness Challenge & Meal Plan Day 4 & 25

  1. A lovely routine with gentle cues from the male voice. I felt relaxed from head to toe and it also helped with piriformus strain. I don't think it is for beginners though because the pose alignments are not explained enough for someone who has not done yoga before.

  2. I'd like to see more by this instructor. The person following the directions was fine, but I prefer this man's voice and instruction as well as style of yoga – more traditional. How do I find more of his stuff?

  3. I had a hard time with this workout. I did – or TRIED to do – for my day 4. Yoga is hard for me because I'm really inflexible but I tried so I can work on that. But it did not seem like it belonged in a beginner series and the narrator used the actual name of the poses and since I don't know them or yoga, I found myself constantly looking up to see what she was doing. That said, the woman doing the poses is beautiful!

  4. I see only 2 vedios of this lady. I would like to follow this lady's vedios. Please let me know if you have any other vedios. She is doing really excellent. Thanks for these excellent vedios

  5. Great video. I am now advancing to intermediate to advanced level, which are the videos recommended for this progression. I like the pace of this video. Nice and smooth transitions into various asanas.

  6. I have doing this one after des stressing and refreshing for beginners in just 1 week I feel my skin more elastic and glowing. And my body is more defined. I like the way those videos were made. the combination of the girl and the man voices makes perfect! And of course the choice of poses.

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