37 thoughts on “Extreme Fat Burning Workout – 50 Minute Indoor Cycling Class

  1. It makes me laugh when i see people in a spin class get on a real bike on the road and cant even ride 10 minutes without getting off and stopping and saying is there something wrong with this cycle my legs hurt im so tired?? i can do a spin class for 1 hour im tired after 10 minures of cycling on the road i need a rest. and when they come to a small hill that is not even that steep they get off there bikes and walk lol lol haa haa. on a indoor class every single person i have seen is pushing only 100 watts of power according to the data on the trainer. on a cycle riding along at 100 watts will get you nowhere and you will never climb a hill at 100 watts no wonder they get tired when cycling on the road.

  2. Good training video, however the over-dubbed commentary is not great. As has already been mentioned, it doesn't always tie-in with what's on screen and is at times confusing.

  3. Just finished this session. Hard is not the word. I thought I was fit. Managed to keep up and complete the session but body is telling me now I've done too much. Looking forward to the next time hopefully feeling stronger. Great workout.

  4. Unfortunately I only have an upright bike.I don't think it's advisable to stand on it while pedaling, is there a way to modify this for upright bike? thanks

  5. Thanks GCN for a great workout routine. What heart rate should be best maintained during rest times in between peaks? And what heart rate should be targeted at peaks for a 42 year old? Thanks!

  6. can someone help me understand the clock thing? for example, 5-7o'clock how do you position your feet….? then 8-10 o'clock… ? If it's 11-12, does that mean you basically pointing your toes down and heel way up? that feels weird.

  7. It would be helpful for this and all other GCN training workouts to include in the description of the workout a list of the intervals showing the length and intensity of each interval. The graph on this one helps but many of the other GCN videos don't have this. It would also be helpful for the trainer or the video to show suggested gear combinations for those of us who use bikes on mag trainer.

  8. I dont know.. what to do… Im using a BKOOL, but what to do, when im using a mountainbike, my gearing isn't that high? and if i use a flat road to do this on, when i sprint i do like 130 RPM, to get high on my puls, which still is around 160, and my normal racing is 170-180.

  9. Sorry, but this must be the most confusing spinclass video I have seen. Not recommended. The line is not in sync with what she is saying, I cant get my Hr down when doing 70rpm with the same resistance but standing (line goes down while intensity actually goes up), I cant hold my body still while Im moving my hips, the music is too fast at most points. Telling: go to 70, 70 heartrate? 70rpm? 70% heart rate. Breathing through nose while going 8/10 intensity is not possible. Constantly telling you up up the resistance and push push push while breathing through nose… Not very clear when the peddling with one foot starts and ends…
    Just too confusing to really enjoy, sorry 😉

  10. Yes it's all about the resistance !! If you want a hard work out you got to turn the dial . So many people cheat them selfs by not putting in 100% and coming out with saying that was easy lol

  11. Having tried various spin classes on YouTube and gym . Must admit this is got to b one of the best classes ! Thank you so much for uploading this . Just done this and I'm off to the shower 🚴🏾😰😰

  12. thanks so much for this program, I will continue to do this class a few times a week. it's helping me get back on track post baby, and difficult to get to the gym working full time, and parenting toddler.

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