Are you trying to make a transformation? Whats working for you? Anna Totten Il…

Are you trying to make a transformation? Whats working for you? Anna Totten Illustration & “Gotta love them stretchy dresses it’s actually the same dress First to pictures are September 2014/third pic October 2016 On the first 2 pic I was already going to the gym for awhile and that was the times of crazy 3 hours a day cardio sessions. I do realise now that it seemed like my sessions were so tiring and high intensity and that’s how I have started my fitness journey having no clue what I was doing and thinking the more cardio the better as cardio “burns fat” Screw that was doing 3 hours of cardio every day writing down my weight and measurements (at some point my waist was 115cm while my hips were 110cm) and was losing very little weight or nothing since I felt so tired after the gym felt like I have been moving mountains all day so I was eating not how I was supposed to be eating. Wish I knew back then. Anyway I don’t regret how my fitness journey started we all start somewhere but my point is cardio alone will never give you a body that you are aiming for Unless all u care is digit on the scale as you will lose fat together with muscle mass even if u didn’t have much and will end up “skinny fat” in best case scenario. If you only just starting your fitness journey take a lot of pics and keep your old outfits ” _____________________ Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star 90-day Transformation Program! Use #TransformFitspoCommunity for a chance to Get Your Transformation Featured

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