27 thoughts on “Cardio HIIT Workout, At Home, Legs, Abs, Core Exercises

  1. Great workout! Today is the day after the workout, I can't walk normally. I've got this weird duck waddle going on, but it's worth the weird looks I get. Im getting a lot stronger Thanks Shelly!

  2. This workout was brutal…as always.
    Shelly, you never fails to deliver a great, tough & challenging workout.
    I can always count on getting my sweat on, when doing one of your workouts Shelly.
    I would like to come up to your gym & workout an entire week with you , is one of my bucket list wishes.
    Would like to know your location.

  3. Shelly I found your channel about 3 weeks ago and ive been doing your workouts everyday since. I absolutely love your workouts and your spirit. You push me to keep up with you. You make it fun and you don't quit like other fitness instructors. Love your stuff. Please keep it coming, I share your stuff with everyone now❀❀

  4. does anyone else watch the entire workout before even doing the workout?????? lmbo, I just like to know how i'm going to die before I actually die lol. thanks shelly your workouts are amazing, you are the best trainer on youtube.

  5. Shelly, I just discovered you and I can tell that I've got addicted! You are too happy and positive and that makes me ashamed to try and skip a workout!

    I am coming with a small problem, tho… Working out from home, it makes me hard to figure out a correct workout program. I have no clue, on how to combine your videos (toning+ cardio), so I can get best results.

    I can workout 5 days per week (mon- fri) and I only have 10 lbs to drop OR simply get rid of my "semi- chubby" aspect (I have fat left on my lower abs, hips, arms and bra area and i'd like to slim down my tighs a little). So, I definately need cardio to burn fat and toning, for a lean look.
    Do you have any video or have you written anywhere, something where you explain on how to compose a weekly/ monthly routine and how to mix your videos? (You have sooo many vids and i didn't took my time yet to watch them all, lol).
    If you have done it, can you, please leave me the link? I really want to make myself a workout routine (I'd like to make a 2 weeks workout plan, then do a new one for another 2 weeks and so on) and I am clueless on what to stick to, how many times per week, how to combine, etc…

    Sorry for this long post, but I'd really need some little help over here πŸ™‚
    I wish you a great day!

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